GelRest Chinrest Comforters, Ebony

Item: #VL4175E
Item: #VL4171E

GelRest are a soft rubber accessory that adheres to your chinrest to reduce irritation due to friction. They are easily removable, and do not leave any residue on the chinrest. Gelrests can be washed with soapy water to refresh them.

The “Guarneri” model will fit most regular size chinrest plates, though is especially made to fit a large plate Guarneri chinrest. Guarneri model shown in pictures. The “Guarneri small” is suitable for 1/2 size Guarneri chinrests, or full size small-plate such as Dresden model.

The GelRest is very durable, and should last indefinitely. Made in the USA. Testimonials and more information can be found at

Available in ebony (black). Some old stock in colours can be found here.

$ 17.00