Otto Tempel Pegs

Made in Germany, these beautiful exceptional hand-made pegs are made from the finest quality of professionally selected old, well matured woods (boxwood, ebony, rosewood), bone and mammoth. As time goes by, these materials are becoming more difficult to find and therefore requires experienced expertise to search, stock plan and provide real estate for continual consistent supply.

The high-density and homogeneous nature of the wood provides maximum support to the acoustic potential of your instrument. Each piece is designed and handcrafted with precise detail and symmetry. Mammoth and ivory bone, the same material used to make piano keys, needs to be cleaned using special procedure and cut precisely before they are mounted as pins and collars on pegs. A hand-applied satin oil finish and top-notch workmanship combine to produce fittings like jewellery for your instrument.

For collars and pins: Mammoth tusk for white accents, horn for black, and Boxwood for beige.