Guitar Making Tools

We will be expanding this list of guitar making tools. Requests and suggestions welcomed.
For accessories please see our Fretted Instruments Accessories section.
Guitar cases and bags can be found here.
We have Hannabach strings for Classical and Flamenco Guitar as well as Soprano/Concert and Tenor Ukulele.

The tools on this page are most likely to be of interest by guitar makers. See our other tools sections for a larger array. Also see Varnish Brushes.

Please see main tools section for larger selection of tools.
Please see main tools section for larger selection of saws & scrapers, knives, chisels, gouges, files & rasps, planes, and clamps.
Recommendation: The #3000 Shinex sheet works very well for cleaning fingerboards and guitar frets and fretboards.


HOSCO bracing saw, 0.2x66mm
Bracing Saw, 0.2x66mm
Item: #T0240
$ 26.25
115g Hammer/Mallet, wood handl
Hammer/Mallet, wood handle
Item: #T0280
$ 29.19 - 31.82
Bending Iron, universal,120-V.
Bending Iron, universal
Item: #T0429
$ 299.00
Bending Strap, cello, 5x18
Bending Strap, cello/guitar
Item: #T04297
$ 79.00
IBEX Finger Plane, 90mm flat
IBEX Finger Plane, 90mm flat
Item: #T0520
$ 255.00
Shaped Scraper Set, 5pc
Shaped Scraper Set, 5 piece
Item: #T0538
$ 31.82
IBEX Purfling Groove Cutter
IBEX Purfling Cutter
Item: #T0567
$ 95.00
Kogatana Knife Set, 6pc
Kogatana Knife Set, 6 piece
Item: #T0599
$ 134.40
MACH Purfling Groove Cutter
MACH Purfling Groove Cutter
Item: #T05M1
$ 55.00
Tataki Standard Chisel
Tataki Standard Chisel
Item: #T0680
$ 26.25 - 27.72
SHINEX Sanding Sheets
SHINEX Sanding Sheets
Item: #T0810
$ 5.15 - 35.70
CERAX Combo Sharpening Stones
CERAX Combo Sharpening Stones
Item: #T0855
$ 63.00 - 78.75